This is a condition primarily of young menstruating women in which large amounts of tissue swelling (edema) occurs in the legs and abdomen after sitting or standing for periods of time and swelling of the face and eyelids upon lying down

Acupuncture was carried out in 141 sufferers from late-onset radiation injuries to skin and soft tissues. 122 patients (86%) revealed clinical manifestations of edema of varying gravity in arms and legs, while 19 (14%) suffered radiation-induced neuritis or plexitis unaccompanied by edema.

For the purpose of understanding the antiobesity effect of acupuncture and it’s influence on water and salt metabolism in the patients suffering from simple obesity, we have observed the changes of symptoms and signs, obesity indices, blood sodium, blood potassium, mOsm of plasma and urinary aldosterone before and after acupuncture treatment in 75 patients with simple obesity (12 cases with edema, 33 cases without edema).

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