In a multi-facet study we evaluated the efficacy of P6 electroacupuncture (10 Hz applied for 5 min) as an antiemetic in patients receiving a variety of cancer chemotherapy drugs.

The effects of acupuncture on health are generally hard to assess. Stimulation of the P6 acupuncture point is used to obtain an antiemetic effect and this provides an excellent model to study the efficacy of acupuncture.

Acupuncture has been used for various gastrointestinal (GI) conditions. Voluminous data support the effect of acupuncture on the physiology of the GI tract, including acid secretion, motility, neurohormonal changes, and changes in sensory thresholds

In an open, randomized trial, we evaluated transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), infrared lasertherapy and acupuncture in the treatment of transformed migraine, over a 4-month period free of prophylactic drugs.

We evaluated the effect of acupuncture on histamine-induced itch and flare in healthy volunteers (n = 25) and compared it with the effect of a pseudo-acupuncture procedure and of no-intervention in a single-blind randomized cross-over study.

Six patients with intractable uremic pruritus were treated with a modified acupuncture technique, the electrical needle stimulation (ENS).

The effect of acupuncture on experimentally induced itch was studied in 10 healthy volunteers. Itching was induced by intradermal injections of histamine on the upper arm.

Intractable localised segmental pruritus without a rash has been reported over the years under various titles depending on the area of the body affected. Notalgia paresthetica and brachioradial pruritus are the two terms used for what is believed to be a form of neuropathy.

The hypnotic effect of suanzaorentang, an ancient Chinese remedy for insomnia, was studied in 60 patients with sleep disorders. After receiving placebo for one week, patients ingested capsules containing 1 gm of suanzaorentang each night, 30 minutes before bedtime, for two weeks.


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