The clinical observation revealed that the asthmatic symptoms in most of the patients began to be improved after several acupuncture treatments with the dosage of the drug gradually reduced.

Disturbances of thoraco-pulmonary function of reflex origin can be influenced by acupuncture; it primarily affects the movements of the thorax.

In a randomised controlled trial, twelve matched pairs of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease received traditional Chinese acupuncture or placebo acupuncture.

A cohort of nine extrinsic asthma patients were treated by means of acupuncture. Patients were followed up for changes in medical treatment, spirometry, skin reactivity to immediate type reactions, total serum IgE levels and reactivity of their leukocytes to leukotriene C4 challenge (LTC4 induced leukocyte adherence inhibition (LAI) assay).

There are few data concerning the effect of acupuncture in patients suffering from COPD. We conducted a prospective randomized and placebo-controlled pilot study to analyze the effect of acupuncture according to the rules of traditional chinese medicine on quality of life, pulmonary function testing and inspiratory mouth occlusion pressures (MOP).

We treated 61 cases of psoriasis with acupuncture, including 25 patients with complications of joint involvement and two cases with scleroderma additionally. All of the patients had failed to respond to their prior conventional western medical management.

"The building blocks of protein" and "your body cannot distinguish between the amino acids in aspartame and milk" (Deskins G1) are common phrases used to describe the ingredients in aspartame. These analogies are used to convince the public that aspartame is as safe as milk, or other protein foods.

Acupuncture as a therapeutic measure for abdominal pain was early recorded in Huangdi Neijing ("Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine").

84 patients who suffered from severe pancreatitis were treated in our hospital. In order to compare the efficacy of different therapy in early, middle and recent stages, the patients were divided into 3 groups.

96.7 percent of patients with affections of organs of the pancreatobiliary zone displayed motor function disorders of upper portions of the alimentary canal (AC).


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