Clinical trial of suanzaorentang in the treatment of insomnia

Chen HC, Hsieh MT.

The hypnotic effect of suanzaorentang, an ancient Chinese remedy for insomnia, was studied in 60 patients with sleep disorders. After receiving placebo for one week, patients ingested capsules containing 1 gm of suanzaorentang each night, 30 minutes before bedtime, for two weeks. Treatment was followed by another week of placebo administration. Each morning during the study, patients completed questionnaires relating to their sleep the night before and to their ability to function during the previous day. Analysis of the responses showed statistically significant improvements (P less than 0.001) in all ratings of sleep quality and well-being during active treatment compared with both placebo periods. Laboratory tests performed before and after treatment with suanzaorentang showed no alterations in any test value. No side effects were noted. We conclude from these results that the compound merits further extensive investigation.

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