Acupuncture—a therapeutic concept in the treatment of painful conditions and functional disorders. Report on 971 cases.

Fischer MV, Behr A, von Reumont J.

The results in 971 outpatients who have been treated with acupuncture for different diseases are reported. The outcome of treatments and number of sessions are discussed in relation to the different diseases. Acupuncture treatment was regarded as successful when 1. the patients had no pain at all without medication and 2. there was a significant improvement (no long-term medication, only mild pain under unusual strain, minimal medication under such circumstances). We obtained positive results in cephalalgias , sinusitis, cervical spine syndrome, shoulder-arm syndrome, ischialgias , back pain, constipation, herpes zoster, allergic rhinitis and disturbances of peripheral blood flow. For the following ailments, in order to reduce the medication, we recommend acupuncture despite a high rate of recurrence: Trigeminal neuralgia, colitis ulcerosa, bronchial asthma and cancer pain. Results in the treatment of mental disturbances were unsatisfactory, and in cases of tinnitus results were negative.

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