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Bill is a general practitioner of acupuncture and herbology, treating illnesses as diverse as Parkinson’s Disease and insomnia. He is nationally board certified, and studied under graduates and professors from Beijing and Shanghai medical schools.


I started seeing Bill for relief from lingering pain from shingles.  Since then, I've seen him for shoulder pain, headaches, sinus inflammation, among other things I'm sure.  Not only does the acupuncture really seem to address the problems, but Bill has also provided invaluable health tips over the years and offered herbal medicines and cupping as additional alternative techniques. 


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If you would like to set up and appointment, or if you have additional questions that the site did not answer, please send an email to:
TAW@PinecrestWellnessCenter.com or WBH@PinecrestWellnessCenter.com

Alternatively, I can also be reached by calling:
(703) 354-2225